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In 1925, according to the plan and design of Mr. Foy an engineer of Assam Bengal Railway, an artificial lake was created here in a beautiful and natural environment. In time, it became known as Foy’s Lake after the name of engineer Foy. In 2004, Bangladesh Railway and Tourism Corporation signed a tripartite agreement with Concord Group, one of the country’s leading companies, to create an environment conducive to travel and private time on Foy’s Lake. 

Foy’s Lake is now a world-class tourist and family entertainment destination with its unique beauty and impressive recreational facilities that make it an ideal feature in the tourism of Bangladesh and the entertainment world, there is the greatest emphasis on safety and cleanliness, including entertainment. Foy’s Lake is a combination of mountains, lake and crystal clear water with an observation tower, photo corners, aquatic corner, artificial waterfall and international standard resort. There are also modern restaurants, merchandise shops, gift shops and Sea World Concord, the largest water park in the country. Founded in 1925, Foy’s Lake has a total land area of 336.69  acres, a watershed of 47.75 acres and a mountain range of 262.96 acres. The lake’s water depth is a maximum of 78 to 80 feet and a minimum of 38 to 40 feet.

For exclusive entertainment in Foy’s Lake, there are many international standard rides such as the Ferris Wheel, Family Roller Coaster, Bumper Car, Pirate Ship, Coffee Cup, Dry Slides, Circus Train, Pony Adventure, Baby Dragon, Baby Carousel, Circus Swing, Apollo Flight, Large Boats, Small Boats, Speed Boats, Paddle Boats, Racing Boats, Duck/Anchor Paddle Boats, Sampan and many more.

In Foy’s Lake, there are –

International standard accommodation facilities like Resorts, Bungalows, Honeymoon Chalets etc.

Exclusive boats (Large Boat, Speed Boat, Paddle Boat, Sampan etc.)

Air-conditioned Lake View Restaurants, Floating Restaurants along with Merchandise & Gift Shops.

Arrangements for hiking & trekking in the hilly forests and access to the tall observation tower for the best scenic views.